TOKAI OPTICAL CO.,LTD Optical Products Division


Advanced Optical Coating Solutions

proposed by highly-skilled engineers

  • The Optical Products division of TOKAI OPTICAL Co., Ltd. located in the central part of Japan, has the advanced technology to produce high performance optical coating products which have been getting more important for high-end medical, bioengineering and nano fabrication instruments.
  • At TOKAI OPTICAL many skilled engineers and physics experts are working hard making new products and unique features by utilizing their knowledge of the latest optical thin-films process and materials.
  • TOKAI OPTICAL was founded in 1939 as a manufacturer of specialized ophthalmic lenses and then expanded its business to industrial optical products. In October 2000, it obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certification to produce reliable products for world wide custom ers.
  • With over 75 years experience in this technology and with well educated researchers, TOKAI OPTICAL is developing advanced optical components such as high performance laser mirrors and optical filters, a part of which is introduced in this brochure. Requests for customization are also most welcome.

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