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Optical Filters

Color IR Transmission Films

We are providing various kinds of optical mirrors from single layer metal mirrorto complicated multi laeyer dielectric thin-film mirrors.
With highly precise thin-film coating control,we can offer neutral density filters with wavelength properties that are completely flat in the visible light region with any density.
Because there is little difference between the design and real measurements, our filters are characteristically stable and reliable, and can be adopted as main parts in precision optical equipment.
Although black has been the only color choice available for the IR communication window, Tokai Optical offers a unique thin-film coating technology that enables various other colors to be chosen.

  • "Spectral Transmittance Meter TL-100" "Portable Fluorophotometer FC-1" A catalog of the English version can be downloaded. Here we go.

Dielectric Multilayer Mirrors

We are providing various kinds of optical mirrors from single layer metal mirror to complicated multi layer dielectric thin-film mirrors.

Ultra Broad Band Mirror

This mirror is constructed by dielectric materials with over 200 layers. Since the film quality is very high as a result of applying ion beam sputtering to the coating process, the optical loss is very low regardless of the film’s high thickness. The main feature of this mirror is to have high reflectance for wide wavelengths and a wide angle of incidence regardless of the polarization. This mirror will allow greater flexibility when constructing laser systems.

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Ultra High Reflectance Mirror

This mirror has an extremely high reflectance of over 99.99% at 1064nm. Although a high reflectance of nearly 100% is possible theoretically, it is difficult to actually coat such mirrors. Special attention should be paid to the quality of coating materials and the substrate as well as the coating process.

We produce this mirror by using the ion beam sputtering method in the coating process.

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Advanced Optical Coating Solutions

proposed by highly-skilled engineers

  • The Optical Products division of TOKAI OPTICAL Co., Ltd. located in the central part of Japan, has the advanced technology to produce high performance optical coating products which have been getting more important for high-end medical, bioengineering and nano fabrication instruments.
  • At TOKAI OPTICAL many skilled engineers and physics experts are working hard making new products and unique features by utilizing their knowledge of the latest optical thin-films process and materials.
  • TOKAI OPTICAL was founded in 1939 as a manufacturer of specialized ophthalmic lenses and then expanded its business to industrial optical products. In October 2000, it obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certification to produce reliable products for world wide custom ers.
  • With over 75 years experience in this technology and with well educated researchers, TOKAI OPTICAL is developing advanced optical components such as high performance laser mirrors and optical filters, a part of which is introduced in this brochure. Requests for customization are also most welcome.

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